Friday, 9 July 2010


Well, today I would like to speak you about the races, specifically the F1. this is the most interesting and exciting sport races. The cars can reaching 320 Km/hr, here is the best rider of all the world, only one chilean was in this category, he was Eliseo Salazar but he culdn`t win a race, only a trird place.

Today there are rider like Schumagger (Germany), Kimmi Raykonnen (Finland), Jason Button (England) and my favourite, LOUIS HAMILTON, english too. He won the championship in 2009. He represent at Germany team, Macklaren Mercedes. For my, the Ferrari is a poor team, his star "Shummi" won 5 champoionships but they didn`t have big rivals. When by Macklaren, ran Hakinnen "Shumi" lost all the time, jajaja.

So, the race are the sunday for the morning and it travel all the world. In Sudamerica there is a track in Brazil and now Argentina wanted to made a new track.

This year the champion will be Louis again, remember it. xD