Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My frustrated dream!!

Well, my dream was be football player. Now, if I could to choose a job, this would be football player like I said previously. Since kid I was in Football school with important U. De Chile ex-players; Leonel Sanchez, Braulio Musso and Sandrino Castec were my teachers. My mom wanted to that I studied at the University, so the football was only a entertainment way. I had many fights with her, I told her that de football was my life but mi mom didn´t understand.

I have qualyties so good for play like speed, header, etc, etc, etc... jajaja, is true of course. I know that the oportunity for play in the chilean honor rate was difficult too, it was my responsability. But I think that i was litlle support.
When I´m boring or the time lets me do other things, I try to watch football on TV because is a relax way for me, really is funny and exciting. The world that around the sports can be bad or complex, it can to choose you doing a good or avaricious person. This is the main problem or desicion in the begin. The way to honor or frustration. You question to Pinilla!!!!!

I know few players, I have spoken with my teachers when I was kid but now, only I can say that Luis Valenzuela, ex-player of Magallanes, Union Calera and Union Española. He even told me his experience in the proffesional football, the greatest and the uglyest moments. I had the opportunity of share with him on field game and I learned so much.

In my life, I have wanted to make a lot of things out of football, but if I had that say a work or job with a paper backing it up, I would choose to be a Geographer, jajaja.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Perfect Day!!

The perfect day must be a weekend, friday, saturday or sunday. For me is the saturday the best day because you are relax if you don´t have to work or nothing important to do.

In my own case, I preffer a saturday where the football is the main element, all the world turn it. The morning begins with the faculty football. All the saturday at nine o´clock we play with others facultys at the Chile´s University tournament. Well, if we win the day paints nice but even it begins fine, apparently, jajajaja.

Then, with the victory among the hands I lunch with the family a exotic and delicious food. At the 5:00 o´clock my friends and me begin to prepare our way out to stadium, we make confetti and paper roll, put us the "U" shirts and get out the blue and red flags. In the stadium jumping, singing and screaming, we would enjoy the triumph against Colo-Colito our most important rivalier both on or out of the stadium, because we have the major supporters.

Well, with these two good news, the day can´t be better but still absence. The night with the friends on Lucho´s apartament is the laugh and conversation center. Each weeken we get together for share our experience of the week like special moments in the university, job or the natural life. This gathering can during until the 3 or 4 am, sometimes until the next day, jajaja.

If this perfect day could be repeated all the weekend, I would be the most happy human being. The university´s works have their time but they aren´t esential in my perfect day tale.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Santiago, touristic destination!

I know Santiago in a 60% percent. The nort side has got the most beautiful places and it assembles the big and important services. However Santiago isn´t nice by that reason, the natural belt around Santiago with hills and the most important mountain range, The Andes make it a city completely different in South America. Santiago has so much contrasts or difference to social and space level. The main example is the situation on “Italian Square”, the east side with green areas, exclusive shops, clean environment and little spaces featured by a special function like “Bellavista”, “Suecia” and “Ñuñoa Square” when there is young life, a lot of pubs, restaurants, cabarets, etc. The west side like concrete jungle, only with attractive featured by its history and social representation. Examples are “El Mercado Central”, “Estación Mapocho”, “Santa Lucia” hill, etc.

My recommendations for tourist is that visit Restaurants because they must taste our national gastronomy; fishes, shellfish, meats and pastries. Then visit the natural or semi natural areas; here were the “San Cristobal” and “Santa Lucia” hills, the “Forestal” park and the beautiful and clean “Mapocho” river. Anyway the historic places like the presidential palace, Maipú votive temple, Brasil and Yungay quarter, National Stadium and all the museums, these show important moment in Chilean history and the culture too. When night falls Santiago explodes, It stirs up. For dance, drink and have a good time I advise visit "Bellavista" neighbourhood because has variety of prices, styles and size. Now, if you are a star, you have to visit the "Pasapoga". Here is the Showbiz, nice TV women, football players, top models and a lot of fomous people like me, jajaja.

Well, Santiago can be boring but if you search, you can finding great things and nice places.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

shops, money and time!

Well, I like to visit a lot of shops without some in particular. When I visit shops I must keep my wallet full and with the need of something, I dislike looking by looking.

Usually, I visit sports shops searching clothes, slippers, football accessories and a lot of things else. I also visit San Diego, which is a street with cycles, spare parts, accessories, everything about cycles, any kind. It has cheap and affordable prices. You can choose a shop between one hundred, but that has a price too, what? the time!!!, yes you can use a lot of time only walking and looking without get nothing, I hate miss time thus knowing that it could take better advantage.
But, I can not deny that I visit quite the malls, especially those related to sports, I have visited lately the ADIDAS outlet in Providencia because I´m searching a jockey and football slippers. This shop offers cool products, very nice and cheap.

I went there for the first time two years ago with my mother and brother, I wanted to buy a sweatshirt. It costed me or it costed to my mother only 10 "lukas" when the same clothes can cost 20 "lukas" in Falabella by example. The last thing that I bought was a disc brake kit for my bike.

The most boring is when you accompany a woman to buy something, I've lived it with my mom. We always end up angry because I pressed her and rushed her to your choice

Friday, 1 October 2010

""""Fiestas Patrias"""" 2.0

Every September is a special moment, with family, friends, companions or just Chilean people. The country is paralyzed; the news speaks about "fondas", typical Chilean food, military parade, holidays and much more. There isn´t home that don´t celebrate this unique date.

For my, the party or our Anniversary covers all the month and not just the 18 and 19 days. September is the fatherland´s birthday, reason that it feel me really Chilean and this I express doing typical activities like playing "trompo", raising kite; eating Chilean food, listening Chilean folklore and remembering our history.

I've always passed this time with my family, either by the side of my father or my mother's or both. An unforgettable 18 was 5 years ago in Pemuco, locality in the countryside where the family focus of my father. Here live cousins, aunts, uncles and a lot of friends, all them enjoyer of the good life.

The days began with a full breakfast to then do a ride on the fields and rivers. At the 13:00 o´clock we had lunch, of course this consisted of a beef, chicken, lamb barbecue and cold beer or a good Chilean wine. After that, somebody slept but the kids like me, played or did antics. The best had place on the night, we attended to the "fondas" for eat and especially dance our traditional dance called "cueca". I danced so good with my cousin Fer, only ended us when we could no more. Look "Huasos" dancing was the most amazing, they had all the talent and the personality for do anything, they invent steps.

The night had own life and the people seemed to want to run, dance, drink and scream forever. It was during three days. A completely crazy.

Still, I remember these moments. Maybe I can relive them again but I hope and I prepare to always have a better 18. Today, the "fiestas patrias" are more expensive and a little boring but it has good moments, soooooo goods. If I had to choose, I would be with my children 18 but now rescuing situations.

I love my country, my flag and my people.