Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Most Important Chilean!!

In Chile, may be so much chilean people important in our history, since characters of the independence like the Carrera brothers, from the pacific war like Arturo Prat, from the literature like Mistral and Neruda and from the any president, between a lot of people else. But, in my opinion, a really character transcendent was, is and will be Jose Marcelo Salas Melinao.

Marcelo Salas, better known as "Killed" because his features scoring, was born on Temuco on December 24, 1974. He, striker, began playing of professional way in "Universidad de Chile", team of his loves. Since here jump to stardom. He arrived to River Plate at second semester of 1996 for then go to Lazio where was world famous. His last important team was Juventus where he get to won great cups and so much money.

These year were amazing for any chilean, all people love to Marcelo, he represented us and let to know our country. In this sence ZAmorano achieved the same but the diference is that Salas won a lot of tournaments and cups.

The true consecration was with the Chilean team football. Playing the FIFA WORLD CUP on France he reached the highest glory scoring 4 goals. The playoffs for this Championship was witness of his category. He made more than 15 goals and He conformed feat to Zamorano the lethal pair ZA-SA.

When you question or go to any country and the people know that you are chilean, they begin to appoint names of our culture or history, between those is the football player like Salas. If you go to Englan and say JOSE MARCELO SALAS, more known as "MATADOR", the people keep their head down and only have words of praises and admiratons. Unfortunately, they were victims of the siege scorer.

The chilean football player historical scorer in one country lover of football isn´t any people, is a representative man of our country, one example of good people and successful sportman.

Thanks Marcelo for Give us so successful, at least just a few years because a recognized people is that simple man that in few years reach to be a great man.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

On Londo, England!!!

Well, all you know my taste for the football. For that reason I have a favorite team in all the countries. For the case of England, I like Tottenham FC, a team from northeast London. Since I met this team that I have followed it, watching the matches and the news around it. It´s the most popular team in the city and their people is very enthusiast. It´s seems to my love team here, in Chile, what is??, “The University of Chile”.

So, may seem little interesting for people enthusiast to meet another things or places, but for me, is a real experience to be on the European stadium, above all on the White Harts Line, Tottenham home because I know a lot of Chilean stadium and their precariousness, only 5 or 6 can be within the world quality.

The stadiums on England have places interesting apart of the stadium itself, namely there are museum, parks,etc,etc..

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remembering games!!

When I was a child all the games were entertaiment for me, well almost all these because there are any that it could be for women. Even I was a restless kid. I tried play new games with my cousins and bothers, make new dinamics, never I was boring.

The favourite play for me was the hide and seek. It mix a lot of interesting things like strategy, intelligence, quickly, liveliness and sharpness. Well, these features I had them and I think that today too. Our last field trip with the teacher Rodrigo Vargas was to Alhue. There, at the night, we played hide and seek between David, Cesar, Jacques, Jacqui, diego and Francisca. we can hide on trees, behind of bus or scenary, under tables and any shadows.

This game consists in that one person should cover his face and expect others to hide and then go out and look them. If discover somebody he or she must scream appointing him. Is the possibility that the latter person can deliver to those previously caught telling: "for me and all my friends".

One important thing is the space used. It must have small dimentions because the game can doing boring. Add, it´s depend of around it, if it´s a forest, a the courtyard of a house or just the street. In my opinion, I preffer the forest, auuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! jajaja

I´m very good for this game, when somebody say: Do we play something funny??? I always answer: yeeeees, hide and seek!!!!!!. But some times the people didn´t accompany me and I stayed frustrated.

one , two , three for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

An important person!

When any people question me about a important people in the contemporary history, I always remember at John Paul II, the pope 5 years ago. His true name was Karol Józef Wojtyła. He was born in the Polish town of Wadowice, a small city 50 kilometers from Krakow, on May 18, 1920. He was the youngest of three children.

John Paul II has been acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century, He did a lot of things with the purpose of help the different countries, cultures, religions and the people above all. In Chile, when came here he could avoid a impending war with Argentina. For these reasons a so much more this papa was very dear. There are people that didn´t believe in the religion but they said that him had a special halo, his face reflected peace, love, tranquillity and compassion. It stayed demonstrated when He forgave on the prison at the criminal that shot him.

His admirable capacity to learn other language was a important characteristic of him, add when he assumed as papa, he was a young with many forces and longing of do some. All the day in the morning he practised sports, was the first at his category in have a different life style like pope.

When I watched the pope on the TV and especially when Marcelo Salas visited him on the Vatican with his daughters, I wanted to be with him too. As said, his presence was special and that struck me. I thought in goods advice for face life, I had conformed with touch him, hug him and told him thanks, thanks for the peace and his capacity for unify rivalries. Maybe is few, some shallow but is with sincerity.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My frustrated dream!!

Well, my dream was be football player. Now, if I could to choose a job, this would be football player like I said previously. Since kid I was in Football school with important U. De Chile ex-players; Leonel Sanchez, Braulio Musso and Sandrino Castec were my teachers. My mom wanted to that I studied at the University, so the football was only a entertainment way. I had many fights with her, I told her that de football was my life but mi mom didn´t understand.

I have qualyties so good for play like speed, header, etc, etc, etc... jajaja, is true of course. I know that the oportunity for play in the chilean honor rate was difficult too, it was my responsability. But I think that i was litlle support.
When I´m boring or the time lets me do other things, I try to watch football on TV because is a relax way for me, really is funny and exciting. The world that around the sports can be bad or complex, it can to choose you doing a good or avaricious person. This is the main problem or desicion in the begin. The way to honor or frustration. You question to Pinilla!!!!!

I know few players, I have spoken with my teachers when I was kid but now, only I can say that Luis Valenzuela, ex-player of Magallanes, Union Calera and Union Española. He even told me his experience in the proffesional football, the greatest and the uglyest moments. I had the opportunity of share with him on field game and I learned so much.

In my life, I have wanted to make a lot of things out of football, but if I had that say a work or job with a paper backing it up, I would choose to be a Geographer, jajaja.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Perfect Day!!

The perfect day must be a weekend, friday, saturday or sunday. For me is the saturday the best day because you are relax if you don´t have to work or nothing important to do.

In my own case, I preffer a saturday where the football is the main element, all the world turn it. The morning begins with the faculty football. All the saturday at nine o´clock we play with others facultys at the Chile´s University tournament. Well, if we win the day paints nice but even it begins fine, apparently, jajajaja.

Then, with the victory among the hands I lunch with the family a exotic and delicious food. At the 5:00 o´clock my friends and me begin to prepare our way out to stadium, we make confetti and paper roll, put us the "U" shirts and get out the blue and red flags. In the stadium jumping, singing and screaming, we would enjoy the triumph against Colo-Colito our most important rivalier both on or out of the stadium, because we have the major supporters.

Well, with these two good news, the day can´t be better but still absence. The night with the friends on Lucho´s apartament is the laugh and conversation center. Each weeken we get together for share our experience of the week like special moments in the university, job or the natural life. This gathering can during until the 3 or 4 am, sometimes until the next day, jajaja.

If this perfect day could be repeated all the weekend, I would be the most happy human being. The university´s works have their time but they aren´t esential in my perfect day tale.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Santiago, touristic destination!

I know Santiago in a 60% percent. The nort side has got the most beautiful places and it assembles the big and important services. However Santiago isn´t nice by that reason, the natural belt around Santiago with hills and the most important mountain range, The Andes make it a city completely different in South America. Santiago has so much contrasts or difference to social and space level. The main example is the situation on “Italian Square”, the east side with green areas, exclusive shops, clean environment and little spaces featured by a special function like “Bellavista”, “Suecia” and “Ñuñoa Square” when there is young life, a lot of pubs, restaurants, cabarets, etc. The west side like concrete jungle, only with attractive featured by its history and social representation. Examples are “El Mercado Central”, “Estación Mapocho”, “Santa Lucia” hill, etc.

My recommendations for tourist is that visit Restaurants because they must taste our national gastronomy; fishes, shellfish, meats and pastries. Then visit the natural or semi natural areas; here were the “San Cristobal” and “Santa Lucia” hills, the “Forestal” park and the beautiful and clean “Mapocho” river. Anyway the historic places like the presidential palace, Maipú votive temple, Brasil and Yungay quarter, National Stadium and all the museums, these show important moment in Chilean history and the culture too. When night falls Santiago explodes, It stirs up. For dance, drink and have a good time I advise visit "Bellavista" neighbourhood because has variety of prices, styles and size. Now, if you are a star, you have to visit the "Pasapoga". Here is the Showbiz, nice TV women, football players, top models and a lot of fomous people like me, jajaja.

Well, Santiago can be boring but if you search, you can finding great things and nice places.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

shops, money and time!

Well, I like to visit a lot of shops without some in particular. When I visit shops I must keep my wallet full and with the need of something, I dislike looking by looking.

Usually, I visit sports shops searching clothes, slippers, football accessories and a lot of things else. I also visit San Diego, which is a street with cycles, spare parts, accessories, everything about cycles, any kind. It has cheap and affordable prices. You can choose a shop between one hundred, but that has a price too, what? the time!!!, yes you can use a lot of time only walking and looking without get nothing, I hate miss time thus knowing that it could take better advantage.
But, I can not deny that I visit quite the malls, especially those related to sports, I have visited lately the ADIDAS outlet in Providencia because I´m searching a jockey and football slippers. This shop offers cool products, very nice and cheap.

I went there for the first time two years ago with my mother and brother, I wanted to buy a sweatshirt. It costed me or it costed to my mother only 10 "lukas" when the same clothes can cost 20 "lukas" in Falabella by example. The last thing that I bought was a disc brake kit for my bike.

The most boring is when you accompany a woman to buy something, I've lived it with my mom. We always end up angry because I pressed her and rushed her to your choice

Friday, 1 October 2010

""""Fiestas Patrias"""" 2.0

Every September is a special moment, with family, friends, companions or just Chilean people. The country is paralyzed; the news speaks about "fondas", typical Chilean food, military parade, holidays and much more. There isn´t home that don´t celebrate this unique date.

For my, the party or our Anniversary covers all the month and not just the 18 and 19 days. September is the fatherland´s birthday, reason that it feel me really Chilean and this I express doing typical activities like playing "trompo", raising kite; eating Chilean food, listening Chilean folklore and remembering our history.

I've always passed this time with my family, either by the side of my father or my mother's or both. An unforgettable 18 was 5 years ago in Pemuco, locality in the countryside where the family focus of my father. Here live cousins, aunts, uncles and a lot of friends, all them enjoyer of the good life.

The days began with a full breakfast to then do a ride on the fields and rivers. At the 13:00 o´clock we had lunch, of course this consisted of a beef, chicken, lamb barbecue and cold beer or a good Chilean wine. After that, somebody slept but the kids like me, played or did antics. The best had place on the night, we attended to the "fondas" for eat and especially dance our traditional dance called "cueca". I danced so good with my cousin Fer, only ended us when we could no more. Look "Huasos" dancing was the most amazing, they had all the talent and the personality for do anything, they invent steps.

The night had own life and the people seemed to want to run, dance, drink and scream forever. It was during three days. A completely crazy.

Still, I remember these moments. Maybe I can relive them again but I hope and I prepare to always have a better 18. Today, the "fiestas patrias" are more expensive and a little boring but it has good moments, soooooo goods. If I had to choose, I would be with my children 18 but now rescuing situations.

I love my country, my flag and my people.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Student For Chile!

In the up-to-date students demostration, the fight is for the quality university education. The government wants to sell the education, leave the manage to power market, this would produce a categorical change in the financing system of all public Universities. That would translate in tariff increase, a career that today cost $2 millions, with this change culd cost $ 3 million because the university will not received the fiscal contribute, in our case, is a 14%, figure that we are loosing it. Then, the student are getting to know our unhappy for the situation, maybe the ways of do it isn´t the better but the people don´t like listen us, and when it happen, the acts must be revolutionary, in the sence make see to government the needs of him population to any cost.

I´m being active member of this demostration, I have participated in a lot of activities. The last week went to mettings between Unisversity of Chile students where it was disscus all the topics that was in the ministry mengagement book and afeccted us. We did cultural activities like walk with musical instruments around the different facultys for tell them to our classmates about the current moment that cross the national education. Too, I suffered the police repression, I finished wet and dirty the famous day in the faculty. It was diffciult but I think that the university student transcended.

Today, I hope the next demostrations for participed. The wednesday is organized an activitie in the streets, our style is get out to the city, out our classroom and distort the peace.

Like said Claudio, the unic solution is the Revolution!!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

One day for cry!

For myself, the "U" is my unic feeling, my happiness, my passion, in another words, just my life. Therefore, when I remembered the moments with my team can laugh or cry.
I want to remember the 1996 "Libertadores" Cup. River Plate was our adversary. The "U" had a great team and River too. The first match was here in Stgo, Chile.

Well, I was eight years old, was kid but big enough to understand the context, I was eager, excited, ecstatic. All my family were like me, maybe they spreaded me, I don´t know but it was a special day and that felt. When the blue team jumped on to the field, the stadium exploded; every people in that place singing, jumping and screaming with the heart, the fireworks, blue and red smoke, papers, balloons, flags and blue t-shirt, all waving. It was the moment prettiest in my life until there...

Argentine journalists were amazed with the show, was rarely seen such a magnificent reception for the team, was simply extraordinary. My eyes didn´t blink and my mind didn´t forget detail. My heart gave a thousand beats per minute. Since that day I loved with all my desire to "Universidad de Chile" and his supporters. Now I´m member of this fantastic supporters.

The match finished 2-2. We were all nervous about the outcome, because in Argentina would be difficult to achieve success and it was. It happened one of the worst days of my life. The bloody referee robbed us the match, did not charge a penalty on the player number seven, Esteban "huevito" Valencia. River got through to the final for then win it. I cried cried cried, is a remember with two faces, happy by the people and sad for the score.

Today my passion is not determined by scores, triumphs or defeats, my love goes much further because


Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Well, Today I would like to speak about the motorbike, this is a thing that I want to. Specifically the speed motorbike, for example a SuZuki Camello 1100 cc. This piece art is a speed machine on two wheels. It can reach the 340 km/h in 15 second approximately. Only people with experience in this nut world, people that drive motorbike since being kids or professionals. I like the speed in all its ways, bikes,cars, boat and motorbike but this last is one dream. I want to raise money, around 1 million and will buy a speed motorbike.

I think that the people driven motorbike have a identity that does them different, are more daring, They haven´t fear and are reckless. This personality I like, I don´t know but is fantastic, great. Feel the max adrenaline, driven to the brink of madness, feel the death and avoid it.

My obsession for the motorbike was born with my mountainbike and grew with the clandestine races in Quilicura (North of Santiago), Karl Fogarty (famous rider with the Bugaty team) and the last idol raider call him "Ghost Raider". He ran away of the police in Europe. He reach speed near to 300 km/h.

He has videos on YouTube website about his experiences with police in Europe, here I put one of these. Really, is a man with guts. Well this man has one Subaru Impreza WRX, car used for Rally, so fast like his motorbike. I would like to have got one of these machines but they are so so so expensive, only peoples like english´s teacher could do it.

By now, I'd settle with any motorbike that will reach the 200 km/h.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Well, today I would like to speak you about the races, specifically the F1. this is the most interesting and exciting sport races. The cars can reaching 320 Km/hr, here is the best rider of all the world, only one chilean was in this category, he was Eliseo Salazar but he culdn`t win a race, only a trird place.

Today there are rider like Schumagger (Germany), Kimmi Raykonnen (Finland), Jason Button (England) and my favourite, LOUIS HAMILTON, english too. He won the championship in 2009. He represent at Germany team, Macklaren Mercedes. For my, the Ferrari is a poor team, his star "Shummi" won 5 champoionships but they didn`t have big rivals. When by Macklaren, ran Hakinnen "Shumi" lost all the time, jajaja.

So, the race are the sunday for the morning and it travel all the world. In Sudamerica there is a track in Brazil and now Argentina wanted to made a new track.

This year the champion will be Louis again, remember it. xD

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Chile v/s Honduras
1 0

The match of today shows good football by Chile principally. Our selection team created the best goals options, making of the Honduran goal keeper a very well figure. He was the responsibly of prevent more goals. In my opinion players like Vidal, Sanchez and Isla were the most important in the Bielsa football sketch. They kept the Chilean stamp added by the Coach.

I watched the match with my little brother called Paulo in my home, specifically on my bed, we were wrapped and euphoric. I set my clock at 07:15 AM because I wanted to listen the Chilean national anthem. I exited when it play in another countries, that is for my patriotism, my love for the flag.

I enjoyed the game but only until the middle of the second time. I was eager for one goal more, I was waiting changes in the team, Chile needed one clear forward, one LOLY POP SUAZO or DYED PAREDES, they are goal-men. For that reason Chile can´t do more goals.

All the team played good, there weren´t low points. Only anyone of them stressed more. Our goalkeeper was a member of the audience more, he had one danger situation
however we suffered in the last minutes. Thank to God everythings finished well.

For the next match Chile Must be sassy, cheeky, must be playing with all the forces, the match will be physical, fought.. Switzerland has strong players but they don´t have thecharacteristic South American technique. It will be the essential factor that could change the match. another thing that i want to say is the great absence of Mauricio Pinilla, scorer on the italian league. Bielsa know that need to him but the fuc..... press have a so bad image about this player. He has unique characteristics, any player have them.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Who will be the champion??

Well, the world cup is near. It begins the friday with South Africa and Mexico Match.
This will be the start of the most important sport in the world, the most watched and dear. All the world is hypnotized, the news speak about football, the women tell the matchs, the politic world turns around football, the animals play with balls. God looks to Chile, he want to see us win in this opportunity and England lose.

Ok, go to the important and powerfull teams. The main candidates are the usual suspects; Brazil, England, Argentine, Holland and Germany. For me, Italy, the last champion, is so far away of repeat his last action. But there are revelation teams, here is Chile. The game showed in the playoffs was amazing, offensive and dynamic, sufficient characteristics for scare to other teams like Suiza and Spain, rivaliers in the world cup. Other example of revelation team is Ivory Coast, but his group is called death group. It´s made up by Brazil, Portugal and North Korea, this last the weaker.

My prediction about the final is ........ Germany and Spain! and the Champion.... Say it you!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Subject interesting!

According to the previous post, I will follow with the main idea about the most interesting subject in geography to my. I like the physic subject in the career such as geomorphology, hydrology, geology and soils. This later is the most eye-catching for my. Is a topic that take all the elements and process in the earth`s surface, it involve water, climate, the human being, animal life, geology, and another important things that now I don´t remember, xD.
One definition of soil can be: Soil is a natural body consisting of layers (soil horizons) of mineral constituents of variable thicknesses, which differ from the parent materials in their morphological, physical, chemical, and mineralogical characteristics. Here is clear the objective and position of this discipline. The teacher Carmen Paz was the first in explain the function of the soil, process and actors. I liked so much its subject, I waited it and achieve with my expectations.
This semester isn´t the happiest, the signatures are focused on the social or economic geography except integrated coastal zone management, matter transversal for all, to my opinion. But, still urban and rural geography have been well done, the teacher are very good, they know and use much tools and other experts’ authors or professionals.
When I have time, I try to study about these topics because will be my professional support. And that, only that, well done. jaja

Monday, 7 June 2010

Good Holidays

I think that the best holidays are for come, I am always striving for something better. When I plan the holidays alone or with one partner will be, may be, unforgettable. This is a dream Jajaja... but until now I remembered the 2009 holidays where my aunt, uncle, cousin and brother went to visit the chilean south, places like Pelarco, Chillan, San Pedro, Valdivia, Temuco, Puyehue, Osorno and Futrono were our destinations. We traveled to Bariloche, Argentina too. The different experience that felt in these holidays did the look the things with other eyes, now under the geographic gaze, in other words knowing the why.
Also, I met new people, above all on Puyehue, we made friends with CONAF workers, who showed us amazing places in the Puyehue National Park and another incredible things. In Argentina we met de famous Nahuelhuapi lake, so pretty and large. Well, in general all the border crossing was fantastic.

We were three month far away of the home, far away my parents and concrete jungle. I love the south of my country, really. It produces a strange feeling in my, I feel free; relax, with the head in white. Since that I was kid, the countryside filled me with joy, happiness... For this reason when i have the opportunity to visit the south I don`t think two times. I love to enjoy the field´s life, do activities like to ride, gather vegetables, milking cows, give food to animals and so much activities. My favourite is Horse racing (up, in the picture is John Wayne, xD)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Why Geography¿?

When I was in the college the law liked me, i wanted to study this topic but my score in the PSU test was slow for that career. My cousin helped me to take one decision, hi showed me the different options that i had occording to my tastes and capacities (it was few. Then the Geography was the solution, was the best option. In the school the most important subject was the History and Geography, it pleased me and had good marks. Then I look for that perspective my determination of what study at the university. Also, the university where i will be was important and it represented other problem. Thank God xD, University´s Chile people called saying me if i wanted to study geography, that i had a scholarship. I was surprised and said yes yes yes.

Two days after, I was enrolled on the University of Chile, the best of the best. The happiness overcomes me but the responsibility too. it was a strange feeling.

Sometimes I think if took the best option because in my head always is the military´s life, the militia, in fact i would like to start career when I finish with "Geo". Like all geography students know, we must choosing between physic or social geography. I want to work in the first option, the best for live but I hope or will try the relation with the military career.

well, end!

A good Friend

Firstly I want to say that was so difficult meet a representative image about friendly.

Well, I´m friendly, for that reason I have many friends, I don´t know if i will choose the best but is one of my good friends. This person is called Luis Lazcano. When i started the 2º grade in the "San José" college, the 2004 year. I was in the 2ºB and Luis was in the 2ºD. The school competed always in football championships and Luis was the student sport representative. He watched me playing and spoke with me the possibility of play for the college. There begins our friendly, thank to the football.

Luis lives in Peñaflor, away of my home. He study in Americans University all the week and has a girlfriend too. Therefore he has few time for do another things. We see us the holidays principally or in special occasions, but we talk for MSN or Phone all the time. The main activity that we do together is play football, too do barbecue with others friends, work in the his father business and another less important and common activities.

I think that the main reason where bases our relation is, like I said before, the football, both share that taste for the sports, the competence... jajaja. Also, we liked the cars, the tunning and races. For that I get on well with this person. If I had to say some qualities about him, would be, his friendliness, the humility (his family have a good situation but he don´t show it, well only in abstract terms), i don´t know more, is a good friends, when you need help is put his shoulders.

So, this is my impression about one of my best friends.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Working in Pichilemu!

Well, in this field trip we went to work in integrated management of coastal areas, we split in three work groups that estudy different topic like economic, cultural and physical. I was in this last group with: Nati, Cami, Yese, Pamela, Fernanda, Dennys, Cesar A., Cesar F., David, Rodrigo, Fernando, Andrés and Diego. We study the natural risk that can affect to City as tsunamis and landslides principally. For these we made surveys and informal interviews also walked or traveled the waterfront and we visit the municipality. But the most entertainment was the "not job", when we shared and played, jajaja. These moments were the most interesting to me, I had fun a lot, above all in our great grilled...

In my opinion this was a great field trip, was a mixture among job and fun, the perfect dose such as the last year with "geo Rural" subject.

Pichilemu is a city so boring in winter, is a Tourist resort that takes life in summer with the holidays. There are a lot of houses without people, the ways is desolate. Definitely I wouldn´t live there all the year, maybe in summer yes, but alone no.


pd: thank to ESTEFA for the picture, i taked it from face!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

About the famous Nira!!!

Nira is a woman, a so so so young girl, is very nice and good classmate, her pink blog has a female design, very common in the class jajaja (nira, understand me , i have that say something). The posts on this blog are seven, all in april´s month but it is lacking in interest because few people look it. Her blog only has six comments counting all posts. The first image when we began with this metodology represent the hearth of geography´s students, share with "chelas" and "choripanes" are the essence nad i think that was the best photo for start, i liked it so much.

In my opinion Nira need do more atractive her blog, she must change the design, revolutionize it. Something that try going far away with female tastes, i refer to pink colour principally. The images should be more entertaining, these are boring.

Correcting to Nira

original post.

the best movie I've seen recently i has been "Avatar", I saw a month ago. It's a beautiful film, but I don´t want to write about it this time. I want to write about other film that left an impression on me very much. that movie it's "I am Sam". This film is very emotional because it´s about a girl and her father who suffers from autism. Throught to this problem they are separeted and the girl is taken to an orphanage while she finds a family for adoption. the father admits his inability but still will not accept that her doughter away from his side. Then hegins with a hard struggle to recover his daughter. They live very sad situación while develops a suit for custody of the child.
When I saw this I was alone and cry a lot. I didn´t have anybody to share my pain with. So I thought it was very foolish but I couldn’t avoit. This is a dramatical film but has happy end.
I lke very so much this movie because show a rare case of family realtionships in which love triumph overa ll things. That makes me very happy.
I love my doughter very much.

Post OK!

The best movie I've seen recently has been "Avatar", I saw it a month ago. It's a beautiful film, but I don´t want to write about it in this time. I want to write about other film that left a very good impression in me. That movie it's "I am Sam". This film is so emotional because it´s about a girl and her father that suffers from autism.
Through to this problem they are separated and the girl is taken to an orphanage while she finds a family for adoption. The father admits his inability but still will not accept that her daughter will be away from his side. Then he gins with a hard struggle to recover his daughter. They live very sad the situation while develops a suit for custody of the child.
When I saw it, I was alone and cried a lot. I didn´t have anybody to share my pain with. So I thought it was very foolish but I couldn’t avoid it. This is a dramatically film but has happy end.
I like very so much this movie because shows a rare case of family relationships in which love triumph overall things. That makes me very happy.
I love my Mariana daughter very much.

See you dear Nira

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

In Free time I make...

My favourite free time activities are two principally, play football and go in my mountain bike to hills for then descent for non qualified paths, go down quickly in my bike produces adrenalin in me, great, sometimes I can fall me and injure me but the feeling is unique, amazing, crazy. Some weekends I go with friends to “San Cristobal" or "Colorado" hill to make descents or alone, when the place is the San Cristobal hill we go up fast why up it wait for us a fantastic and cold "mote con huesillos". it costs $600, some expensive but it was worth. After that, it comes the best.... the descent!. We can reach 50 to 60 km/h without make anything only thank to the slope.
The mountain bike begins to keep my attention when I was 14 years old. My father carried us with my brothers to hill all the Sunday in the morning , we put de bikes in the car and left. Since that time I loved the cycling so much so that all my money I invest it in the mountain bike. I want to make a great bike with the better tools. Now is working perfectly , I´m careful whit it and always wash it.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sports News

The good streak of Darren Bent in Sunderland has led the admiration in england football league. The Sunderland manager, Steve Bruce thinks that is the best option as back-up to Wayne Rooney for his scores goals and game style.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

High-Caliber Films

Well, I´m not cinema expert, see movies only some times, for this reason my taste can be bad or of kid or ... i don´t know!!!jajaja, but in this last time i have seen two good movies to my taste, "Batman begins" and "oo7 Casino Royale".

The oo7 movie has action, drama, suspense, all in one. Daniel Craig is the main actor and is very different of previous oo7, is harder, brighter, braver and bolder, is the best James Bond (i´m not gay). The movie begins with action and concludes with action. Also the bond girl (Eva Green) is sooooooooooo pretty, beautiful, great and has a genius amazing, i love her. The car, a silver Aston Martin armed with the best technology, missiles, machine guns, invisible technology, is a true reflection of James Bond personality. These are the three reasons why I like it. The movie is about mafia and terrorism, a corrupt ring that save money to African militia and play it for increase it but the bad actor that play with the money, lose it in the poker game with Bond, then kill him. is very confuses the movie because there are many ring corrupt and the movie was unfinished, in the second chapter all is revealed.

I see the movie 2 or 3 times at month, only yesterday i sow it, still i remember all the scenes. Be careful with me, I am ooo7 nik bond, jajaja!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Earthquake in my home

The earthquake in Chile was the fifth more big in the human history. This was five times stronger than Haiti earthquake. All people in center zone felt it, someone were in their houses, other in buildings, pubs, discotheques, bathroom... i was in my home, specifically in my bed listening music. I got home at three o`clock and then went me to bed when began to move the soil. I took it few importance but my mother was scared and she told me than leave the home, then i went out of my room and went to door´s frame, there we were with my brothers and our mom waiting the silence and the quiet. I haven´t fear at earthquakes, i react well like my brothers.

After, with my brother "Lonchi" went to see our friends in the neighborhood, for luck all were fine, the houses and the ways too.

It seems to me that authorities and people were the responsibility for the bad actions that follow them. For me, the ONEMI is the main institution responsible of many deaths, more than SHOA.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The major invention in the history

Well, For me the soccer ball is the best invention in the history, can you imagine that one so little thing moves all the earth, all the people, there aren`t people in the world than don`t know it. Is the king sport, the nicest!!. Not only is a entertainment way but also a lifestyle, one excuse for share, one job... All these things symbolize one soccer ball. I think that it has generated a positive impact in our society. There are many ways to represent this action, i said only some. Looking around, many things revolve around it, news, men, economy, mood, everything!

I know the ball since kid, when i was five or six years old kicked it for first time and from there I have never stopped doing. It represent my leisure and part of my life. Without this thing I couldn`t live, jajaja, is truth!!! I think that Simon, Claudio, Cesar, etc.. know the meaning behind the ball, than I feel with it!!

I hope that the women understand me (gays too), you try to know this little world and you will enjoy so much with us and will have a better understanding.

well, the best team in our country and south america is..."""" T_Tniversidad de Chile!! learn it plis..

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well, my favourite song is called "Up in the mountain", it´s interprets by Patricio Mans, one Chilean folk music. With this song written in 1965 he became famous.
This song is a very sad story of a man, his son relates it .It speaks about the life´s peasant in our country, he was poor and for live one day he wanted to steal sheeps but the Andean police caught him and killed him. The peasant dead in the Andes Mountains where he always lived.

Since then your child wants to be a good man field and he has a good flock. When travel with the flock at mountains he remember his father and the difficult life him.

I like so much this song because told the life in our south, it shows the different forms of life between urban and rural people. This last is so sacrifice and lonely. It makes me think about everything in the life. The first time that I hear it was in my holidays since two or three years ago. My uncle played it with the guitar around a bonfire. From this day I hear it all the days.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

English started

For all people, pretty or ugly, smart or ignorant, black or white, spanish or english. Here you will find topic like sports, games, news and much interesting things. This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge!