Wednesday, 28 April 2010

In Free time I make...

My favourite free time activities are two principally, play football and go in my mountain bike to hills for then descent for non qualified paths, go down quickly in my bike produces adrenalin in me, great, sometimes I can fall me and injure me but the feeling is unique, amazing, crazy. Some weekends I go with friends to “San Cristobal" or "Colorado" hill to make descents or alone, when the place is the San Cristobal hill we go up fast why up it wait for us a fantastic and cold "mote con huesillos". it costs $600, some expensive but it was worth. After that, it comes the best.... the descent!. We can reach 50 to 60 km/h without make anything only thank to the slope.
The mountain bike begins to keep my attention when I was 14 years old. My father carried us with my brothers to hill all the Sunday in the morning , we put de bikes in the car and left. Since that time I loved the cycling so much so that all my money I invest it in the mountain bike. I want to make a great bike with the better tools. Now is working perfectly , I´m careful whit it and always wash it.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sports News

The good streak of Darren Bent in Sunderland has led the admiration in england football league. The Sunderland manager, Steve Bruce thinks that is the best option as back-up to Wayne Rooney for his scores goals and game style.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

High-Caliber Films

Well, I´m not cinema expert, see movies only some times, for this reason my taste can be bad or of kid or ... i don´t know!!!jajaja, but in this last time i have seen two good movies to my taste, "Batman begins" and "oo7 Casino Royale".

The oo7 movie has action, drama, suspense, all in one. Daniel Craig is the main actor and is very different of previous oo7, is harder, brighter, braver and bolder, is the best James Bond (i´m not gay). The movie begins with action and concludes with action. Also the bond girl (Eva Green) is sooooooooooo pretty, beautiful, great and has a genius amazing, i love her. The car, a silver Aston Martin armed with the best technology, missiles, machine guns, invisible technology, is a true reflection of James Bond personality. These are the three reasons why I like it. The movie is about mafia and terrorism, a corrupt ring that save money to African militia and play it for increase it but the bad actor that play with the money, lose it in the poker game with Bond, then kill him. is very confuses the movie because there are many ring corrupt and the movie was unfinished, in the second chapter all is revealed.

I see the movie 2 or 3 times at month, only yesterday i sow it, still i remember all the scenes. Be careful with me, I am ooo7 nik bond, jajaja!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Earthquake in my home

The earthquake in Chile was the fifth more big in the human history. This was five times stronger than Haiti earthquake. All people in center zone felt it, someone were in their houses, other in buildings, pubs, discotheques, bathroom... i was in my home, specifically in my bed listening music. I got home at three o`clock and then went me to bed when began to move the soil. I took it few importance but my mother was scared and she told me than leave the home, then i went out of my room and went to door´s frame, there we were with my brothers and our mom waiting the silence and the quiet. I haven´t fear at earthquakes, i react well like my brothers.

After, with my brother "Lonchi" went to see our friends in the neighborhood, for luck all were fine, the houses and the ways too.

It seems to me that authorities and people were the responsibility for the bad actions that follow them. For me, the ONEMI is the main institution responsible of many deaths, more than SHOA.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The major invention in the history

Well, For me the soccer ball is the best invention in the history, can you imagine that one so little thing moves all the earth, all the people, there aren`t people in the world than don`t know it. Is the king sport, the nicest!!. Not only is a entertainment way but also a lifestyle, one excuse for share, one job... All these things symbolize one soccer ball. I think that it has generated a positive impact in our society. There are many ways to represent this action, i said only some. Looking around, many things revolve around it, news, men, economy, mood, everything!

I know the ball since kid, when i was five or six years old kicked it for first time and from there I have never stopped doing. It represent my leisure and part of my life. Without this thing I couldn`t live, jajaja, is truth!!! I think that Simon, Claudio, Cesar, etc.. know the meaning behind the ball, than I feel with it!!

I hope that the women understand me (gays too), you try to know this little world and you will enjoy so much with us and will have a better understanding.

well, the best team in our country and south america is..."""" T_Tniversidad de Chile!! learn it plis..