Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Chile v/s Honduras
1 0

The match of today shows good football by Chile principally. Our selection team created the best goals options, making of the Honduran goal keeper a very well figure. He was the responsibly of prevent more goals. In my opinion players like Vidal, Sanchez and Isla were the most important in the Bielsa football sketch. They kept the Chilean stamp added by the Coach.

I watched the match with my little brother called Paulo in my home, specifically on my bed, we were wrapped and euphoric. I set my clock at 07:15 AM because I wanted to listen the Chilean national anthem. I exited when it play in another countries, that is for my patriotism, my love for the flag.

I enjoyed the game but only until the middle of the second time. I was eager for one goal more, I was waiting changes in the team, Chile needed one clear forward, one LOLY POP SUAZO or DYED PAREDES, they are goal-men. For that reason Chile can´t do more goals.

All the team played good, there weren´t low points. Only anyone of them stressed more. Our goalkeeper was a member of the audience more, he had one danger situation
however we suffered in the last minutes. Thank to God everythings finished well.

For the next match Chile Must be sassy, cheeky, must be playing with all the forces, the match will be physical, fought.. Switzerland has strong players but they don´t have thecharacteristic South American technique. It will be the essential factor that could change the match. another thing that i want to say is the great absence of Mauricio Pinilla, scorer on the italian league. Bielsa know that need to him but the fuc..... press have a so bad image about this player. He has unique characteristics, any player have them.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Who will be the champion??

Well, the world cup is near. It begins the friday with South Africa and Mexico Match.
This will be the start of the most important sport in the world, the most watched and dear. All the world is hypnotized, the news speak about football, the women tell the matchs, the politic world turns around football, the animals play with balls. God looks to Chile, he want to see us win in this opportunity and England lose.

Ok, go to the important and powerfull teams. The main candidates are the usual suspects; Brazil, England, Argentine, Holland and Germany. For me, Italy, the last champion, is so far away of repeat his last action. But there are revelation teams, here is Chile. The game showed in the playoffs was amazing, offensive and dynamic, sufficient characteristics for scare to other teams like Suiza and Spain, rivaliers in the world cup. Other example of revelation team is Ivory Coast, but his group is called death group. It´s made up by Brazil, Portugal and North Korea, this last the weaker.

My prediction about the final is ........ Germany and Spain! and the Champion.... Say it you!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Subject interesting!

According to the previous post, I will follow with the main idea about the most interesting subject in geography to my. I like the physic subject in the career such as geomorphology, hydrology, geology and soils. This later is the most eye-catching for my. Is a topic that take all the elements and process in the earth`s surface, it involve water, climate, the human being, animal life, geology, and another important things that now I don´t remember, xD.
One definition of soil can be: Soil is a natural body consisting of layers (soil horizons) of mineral constituents of variable thicknesses, which differ from the parent materials in their morphological, physical, chemical, and mineralogical characteristics. Here is clear the objective and position of this discipline. The teacher Carmen Paz was the first in explain the function of the soil, process and actors. I liked so much its subject, I waited it and achieve with my expectations.
This semester isn´t the happiest, the signatures are focused on the social or economic geography except integrated coastal zone management, matter transversal for all, to my opinion. But, still urban and rural geography have been well done, the teacher are very good, they know and use much tools and other experts’ authors or professionals.
When I have time, I try to study about these topics because will be my professional support. And that, only that, well done. jaja

Monday, 7 June 2010

Good Holidays

I think that the best holidays are for come, I am always striving for something better. When I plan the holidays alone or with one partner will be, may be, unforgettable. This is a dream Jajaja... but until now I remembered the 2009 holidays where my aunt, uncle, cousin and brother went to visit the chilean south, places like Pelarco, Chillan, San Pedro, Valdivia, Temuco, Puyehue, Osorno and Futrono were our destinations. We traveled to Bariloche, Argentina too. The different experience that felt in these holidays did the look the things with other eyes, now under the geographic gaze, in other words knowing the why.
Also, I met new people, above all on Puyehue, we made friends with CONAF workers, who showed us amazing places in the Puyehue National Park and another incredible things. In Argentina we met de famous Nahuelhuapi lake, so pretty and large. Well, in general all the border crossing was fantastic.

We were three month far away of the home, far away my parents and concrete jungle. I love the south of my country, really. It produces a strange feeling in my, I feel free; relax, with the head in white. Since that I was kid, the countryside filled me with joy, happiness... For this reason when i have the opportunity to visit the south I don`t think two times. I love to enjoy the field´s life, do activities like to ride, gather vegetables, milking cows, give food to animals and so much activities. My favourite is Horse racing (up, in the picture is John Wayne, xD)