Sunday, 29 August 2010

One day for cry!

For myself, the "U" is my unic feeling, my happiness, my passion, in another words, just my life. Therefore, when I remembered the moments with my team can laugh or cry.
I want to remember the 1996 "Libertadores" Cup. River Plate was our adversary. The "U" had a great team and River too. The first match was here in Stgo, Chile.

Well, I was eight years old, was kid but big enough to understand the context, I was eager, excited, ecstatic. All my family were like me, maybe they spreaded me, I don´t know but it was a special day and that felt. When the blue team jumped on to the field, the stadium exploded; every people in that place singing, jumping and screaming with the heart, the fireworks, blue and red smoke, papers, balloons, flags and blue t-shirt, all waving. It was the moment prettiest in my life until there...

Argentine journalists were amazed with the show, was rarely seen such a magnificent reception for the team, was simply extraordinary. My eyes didn´t blink and my mind didn´t forget detail. My heart gave a thousand beats per minute. Since that day I loved with all my desire to "Universidad de Chile" and his supporters. Now I´m member of this fantastic supporters.

The match finished 2-2. We were all nervous about the outcome, because in Argentina would be difficult to achieve success and it was. It happened one of the worst days of my life. The bloody referee robbed us the match, did not charge a penalty on the player number seven, Esteban "huevito" Valencia. River got through to the final for then win it. I cried cried cried, is a remember with two faces, happy by the people and sad for the score.

Today my passion is not determined by scores, triumphs or defeats, my love goes much further because


Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Well, Today I would like to speak about the motorbike, this is a thing that I want to. Specifically the speed motorbike, for example a SuZuki Camello 1100 cc. This piece art is a speed machine on two wheels. It can reach the 340 km/h in 15 second approximately. Only people with experience in this nut world, people that drive motorbike since being kids or professionals. I like the speed in all its ways, bikes,cars, boat and motorbike but this last is one dream. I want to raise money, around 1 million and will buy a speed motorbike.

I think that the people driven motorbike have a identity that does them different, are more daring, They haven´t fear and are reckless. This personality I like, I don´t know but is fantastic, great. Feel the max adrenaline, driven to the brink of madness, feel the death and avoid it.

My obsession for the motorbike was born with my mountainbike and grew with the clandestine races in Quilicura (North of Santiago), Karl Fogarty (famous rider with the Bugaty team) and the last idol raider call him "Ghost Raider". He ran away of the police in Europe. He reach speed near to 300 km/h.

He has videos on YouTube website about his experiences with police in Europe, here I put one of these. Really, is a man with guts. Well this man has one Subaru Impreza WRX, car used for Rally, so fast like his motorbike. I would like to have got one of these machines but they are so so so expensive, only peoples like english´s teacher could do it.

By now, I'd settle with any motorbike that will reach the 200 km/h.