Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Student For Chile!

In the up-to-date students demostration, the fight is for the quality university education. The government wants to sell the education, leave the manage to power market, this would produce a categorical change in the financing system of all public Universities. That would translate in tariff increase, a career that today cost $2 millions, with this change culd cost $ 3 million because the university will not received the fiscal contribute, in our case, is a 14%, figure that we are loosing it. Then, the student are getting to know our unhappy for the situation, maybe the ways of do it isn´t the better but the people don´t like listen us, and when it happen, the acts must be revolutionary, in the sence make see to government the needs of him population to any cost.

I´m being active member of this demostration, I have participated in a lot of activities. The last week went to mettings between Unisversity of Chile students where it was disscus all the topics that was in the ministry mengagement book and afeccted us. We did cultural activities like walk with musical instruments around the different facultys for tell them to our classmates about the current moment that cross the national education. Too, I suffered the police repression, I finished wet and dirty the famous day in the faculty. It was diffciult but I think that the university student transcended.

Today, I hope the next demostrations for participed. The wednesday is organized an activitie in the streets, our style is get out to the city, out our classroom and distort the peace.

Like said Claudio, the unic solution is the Revolution!!