Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well, my favourite song is called "Up in the mountain", it´s interprets by Patricio Mans, one Chilean folk music. With this song written in 1965 he became famous.
This song is a very sad story of a man, his son relates it .It speaks about the life´s peasant in our country, he was poor and for live one day he wanted to steal sheeps but the Andean police caught him and killed him. The peasant dead in the Andes Mountains where he always lived.

Since then your child wants to be a good man field and he has a good flock. When travel with the flock at mountains he remember his father and the difficult life him.

I like so much this song because told the life in our south, it shows the different forms of life between urban and rural people. This last is so sacrifice and lonely. It makes me think about everything in the life. The first time that I hear it was in my holidays since two or three years ago. My uncle played it with the guitar around a bonfire. From this day I hear it all the days.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

English started

For all people, pretty or ugly, smart or ignorant, black or white, spanish or english. Here you will find topic like sports, games, news and much interesting things. This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge!