Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Most Important Chilean!!

In Chile, may be so much chilean people important in our history, since characters of the independence like the Carrera brothers, from the pacific war like Arturo Prat, from the literature like Mistral and Neruda and from the any president, between a lot of people else. But, in my opinion, a really character transcendent was, is and will be Jose Marcelo Salas Melinao.

Marcelo Salas, better known as "Killed" because his features scoring, was born on Temuco on December 24, 1974. He, striker, began playing of professional way in "Universidad de Chile", team of his loves. Since here jump to stardom. He arrived to River Plate at second semester of 1996 for then go to Lazio where was world famous. His last important team was Juventus where he get to won great cups and so much money.

These year were amazing for any chilean, all people love to Marcelo, he represented us and let to know our country. In this sence ZAmorano achieved the same but the diference is that Salas won a lot of tournaments and cups.

The true consecration was with the Chilean team football. Playing the FIFA WORLD CUP on France he reached the highest glory scoring 4 goals. The playoffs for this Championship was witness of his category. He made more than 15 goals and He conformed feat to Zamorano the lethal pair ZA-SA.

When you question or go to any country and the people know that you are chilean, they begin to appoint names of our culture or history, between those is the football player like Salas. If you go to Englan and say JOSE MARCELO SALAS, more known as "MATADOR", the people keep their head down and only have words of praises and admiratons. Unfortunately, they were victims of the siege scorer.

The chilean football player historical scorer in one country lover of football isn´t any people, is a representative man of our country, one example of good people and successful sportman.

Thanks Marcelo for Give us so successful, at least just a few years because a recognized people is that simple man that in few years reach to be a great man.

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