Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remembering games!!

When I was a child all the games were entertaiment for me, well almost all these because there are any that it could be for women. Even I was a restless kid. I tried play new games with my cousins and bothers, make new dinamics, never I was boring.

The favourite play for me was the hide and seek. It mix a lot of interesting things like strategy, intelligence, quickly, liveliness and sharpness. Well, these features I had them and I think that today too. Our last field trip with the teacher Rodrigo Vargas was to Alhue. There, at the night, we played hide and seek between David, Cesar, Jacques, Jacqui, diego and Francisca. we can hide on trees, behind of bus or scenary, under tables and any shadows.

This game consists in that one person should cover his face and expect others to hide and then go out and look them. If discover somebody he or she must scream appointing him. Is the possibility that the latter person can deliver to those previously caught telling: "for me and all my friends".

One important thing is the space used. It must have small dimentions because the game can doing boring. Add, it´s depend of around it, if it´s a forest, a the courtyard of a house or just the street. In my opinion, I preffer the forest, auuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! jajaja

I´m very good for this game, when somebody say: Do we play something funny??? I always answer: yeeeees, hide and seek!!!!!!. But some times the people didn´t accompany me and I stayed frustrated.

one , two , three for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. "one, two, three for me"
    Waajaajjaaj!!! xDD..

    Nico!! I love this game too! :)
    I didn't go to that field trip, if I had gone obviously I had played..