Tuesday, 16 November 2010

On Londo, England!!!

Well, all you know my taste for the football. For that reason I have a favorite team in all the countries. For the case of England, I like Tottenham FC, a team from northeast London. Since I met this team that I have followed it, watching the matches and the news around it. It´s the most popular team in the city and their people is very enthusiast. It´s seems to my love team here, in Chile, what is??, “The University of Chile”.

So, may seem little interesting for people enthusiast to meet another things or places, but for me, is a real experience to be on the European stadium, above all on the White Harts Line, Tottenham home because I know a lot of Chilean stadium and their precariousness, only 5 or 6 can be within the world quality.

The stadiums on England have places interesting apart of the stadium itself, namely there are museum, parks,etc,etc..

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