Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My frustrated dream!!

Well, my dream was be football player. Now, if I could to choose a job, this would be football player like I said previously. Since kid I was in Football school with important U. De Chile ex-players; Leonel Sanchez, Braulio Musso and Sandrino Castec were my teachers. My mom wanted to that I studied at the University, so the football was only a entertainment way. I had many fights with her, I told her that de football was my life but mi mom didn´t understand.

I have qualyties so good for play like speed, header, etc, etc, etc... jajaja, is true of course. I know that the oportunity for play in the chilean honor rate was difficult too, it was my responsability. But I think that i was litlle support.
When I´m boring or the time lets me do other things, I try to watch football on TV because is a relax way for me, really is funny and exciting. The world that around the sports can be bad or complex, it can to choose you doing a good or avaricious person. This is the main problem or desicion in the begin. The way to honor or frustration. You question to Pinilla!!!!!

I know few players, I have spoken with my teachers when I was kid but now, only I can say that Luis Valenzuela, ex-player of Magallanes, Union Calera and Union Española. He even told me his experience in the proffesional football, the greatest and the uglyest moments. I had the opportunity of share with him on field game and I learned so much.

In my life, I have wanted to make a lot of things out of football, but if I had that say a work or job with a paper backing it up, I would choose to be a Geographer, jajaja.


  1. OOOHhhh!!but if you always fulfill your dream ...
    is not something you have not done...
    then do not let your dream...

    see you...

  2. But Nico, how can you know anything about football and support Spurs?????

  3. Nico, I believe that all dreams are possible. Maybe you can not be a professional player, but if being a great player. ;)