Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Perfect Day!!

The perfect day must be a weekend, friday, saturday or sunday. For me is the saturday the best day because you are relax if you don´t have to work or nothing important to do.

In my own case, I preffer a saturday where the football is the main element, all the world turn it. The morning begins with the faculty football. All the saturday at nine o´clock we play with others facultys at the Chile´s University tournament. Well, if we win the day paints nice but even it begins fine, apparently, jajajaja.

Then, with the victory among the hands I lunch with the family a exotic and delicious food. At the 5:00 o´clock my friends and me begin to prepare our way out to stadium, we make confetti and paper roll, put us the "U" shirts and get out the blue and red flags. In the stadium jumping, singing and screaming, we would enjoy the triumph against Colo-Colito our most important rivalier both on or out of the stadium, because we have the major supporters.

Well, with these two good news, the day can´t be better but still absence. The night with the friends on Lucho´s apartament is the laugh and conversation center. Each weeken we get together for share our experience of the week like special moments in the university, job or the natural life. This gathering can during until the 3 or 4 am, sometimes until the next day, jajaja.

If this perfect day could be repeated all the weekend, I would be the most happy human being. The university´s works have their time but they aren´t esential in my perfect day tale.

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  1. What a perfect day ah!!
    I like that kind of days to .