Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Santiago, touristic destination!

I know Santiago in a 60% percent. The nort side has got the most beautiful places and it assembles the big and important services. However Santiago isn´t nice by that reason, the natural belt around Santiago with hills and the most important mountain range, The Andes make it a city completely different in South America. Santiago has so much contrasts or difference to social and space level. The main example is the situation on “Italian Square”, the east side with green areas, exclusive shops, clean environment and little spaces featured by a special function like “Bellavista”, “Suecia” and “Ñuñoa Square” when there is young life, a lot of pubs, restaurants, cabarets, etc. The west side like concrete jungle, only with attractive featured by its history and social representation. Examples are “El Mercado Central”, “Estación Mapocho”, “Santa Lucia” hill, etc.

My recommendations for tourist is that visit Restaurants because they must taste our national gastronomy; fishes, shellfish, meats and pastries. Then visit the natural or semi natural areas; here were the “San Cristobal” and “Santa Lucia” hills, the “Forestal” park and the beautiful and clean “Mapocho” river. Anyway the historic places like the presidential palace, Maipú votive temple, Brasil and Yungay quarter, National Stadium and all the museums, these show important moment in Chilean history and the culture too. When night falls Santiago explodes, It stirs up. For dance, drink and have a good time I advise visit "Bellavista" neighbourhood because has variety of prices, styles and size. Now, if you are a star, you have to visit the "Pasapoga". Here is the Showbiz, nice TV women, football players, top models and a lot of fomous people like me, jajaja.

Well, Santiago can be boring but if you search, you can finding great things and nice places.


  1. ooo I almost use that picture

  2. jajjaajaaaa
    "if you are star, you have to visit Pasapoga"???
    jajajaaa funny :)

    but, it's more "farandula" for me :P

    hugs for youu*

  3. I liked the picture.
    It is a good face of the city

  4. maybe you can offer yourself as a guide to these places

  5. jajaja I imagine Nicolas tour guide, but it would be good to show places to bike that would be cool

    see ya nico

  6. jajajaaa Nico would be a good guide tour :)
    I imagine that would be very funny know the city with him.